Top 3 Pokemon Go Hacks

You know Pokemon,  the popular tv serie back in the ’90s.   Yes, it’s back.  Stronger than ever with a powerful Pokemon game called Pokemon Go.  In this article,  I will discuss a few hidden pokemon go hacks that no one wants you to know. This are top secret hacks that I will unfold today.   Thanks to for providing me the pokemon go secrets that are present now…. Read Article →

Top 5 Restaurants In The U.S. – 2016 Edition

Every year, we research the most popular restaurants in the United States.  In the past year, 2015,  we’ve seen several relative small restaurants gain traction.  Alternatively , we’ve also seen a couple of the bigger restaurants get smacked down. As you may know, the market for food (typically restaurants) is quite volatile. What’s hot this year may not at all next year. Based on historical information  provided by Menu &… Read Article →